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42 years in business National Restaurant Exchange. Here is the staff in 1982
44 year aniversity.jpg

Celebrating 44 years serving New England!

Restaurants For Sale staff in 1982.

National Restaurant Exchange is still in business today providing expertise!

Our Restaurant Brokers in 1982 National restaurant Exchange

Our Restaurant Brokers from 1982, that's a lot of experience! Celebrating 42 years!

Complete Brokerage Services

The National Restaurant Exchange has been the recognized leader in the sale of food and liquor businesses.

The National Restaurant Exchange has been the recognized leader in the sale of food and liquor businesses. Our team of restaurant specialists has exactly what it takes to market your Food & Beverage Business, why would you go to anyone else to represent your interests?

Developer Representation

National Restaurant Exchange is always working on commercial space in prime markets

With over 12 major life-style centers in various stages of development we can provide you with prime restaurant space, in prime markets, with all the assistance to bring

your newest project to fruition.

Legal Services

National Restaurant Exchange offers legal services if needed.

Articles published by The National Restaurant Exchange in the New England Restaurant Journal

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20. Baby boomers are shaping the next 20 years of the hospitality industry. 2017

21. National Restaurant Exchange helps you close more deals

22. New England restaurant landscape has never been more fluid than it is today. 2017

23. Success of the tenant ensures a peaceful, uneventful stream of income for the landlord. 2017

24. The Challenge for most business owners is recognizing when to get out! 

25. Boston Killing Boston

26. Why do I need a competitive advantage 

27. Straddling the invisible line

28. Local liquor stores are not alone

29. Soothsayers expect this year to set the stage for the next couple of years.

30.Three obstacles to selling a restaurant, The Three ‘L’s - by Dennis Serpone. 4-26-19

31. The coronavirus has put a tourniquet on the life blood of our country - by Dennis Serpone 3-28-20


Full Time attorneys on staff to accommodate all legal concerns relating to all aspects of restaurant business including purchase and sales, estate planning, etc.

 Appraisal Services

National Restaurant Exchange gives free apprasials of your business

Don't guess what your business is worth. Ask for

a no-obligation opinion of value from National Restaurant Exchange

Get Your Free Evaluation

Get a second opinion

Call National Restaurant Exchange for a second opinion

Before you buy or sell your most important asset,

your business, ask the experts at National Restaurant Exchange for their opinion; this could be your best or worst decision.

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