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Now is an especially good time to explore an SBA 7(a), 504, or microloan because the SBA will pay the first six months of principal and interest on loans approved between Feb. 1 and Sept. 30, 2021.

Straddling the invisible line to satisfy the seller’s needs, while appreciating the position of the buyer - 

Why hasn’t my business sold?” For the most part this question is asked not only of restaurant brokers but also of general business brokers, and as well of other commercial brokers.

The scenario is that an owner seeks out, what he feels is a competent professional to help him exit a business that has provided him with the luxuries of success or the pains of failure. In either case, if we take on the responsibility of accepting the listing, we’re promising the seller, and therefore morally obligated, to do everything in our power to extricate the owner from his business with the best price and most favorable terms.

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When you need a restaurant specialist The National Restaurant Exchange helps you close more deals -

It’s amazing how many food and beverage businesses dot the landscape. If it’s true that “small business drives our country”, then restaurants are the life-blood of our society. No matter where you go, look to your left, look to your right…convenience stores, liquor stores, fast food, slow food, pubs, full-service, nightclubs, function facilities, ad naseum. Then you can break them down into chains, into ethnic subsets…every downtown, every shopping center, most office complexes. “my God, they’re everywhere.”

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Guy Fieri Concept Chicken Guy! to Open Third Location

The new venue will be the first corporate-owned free-standing location with a drive-thru component.

Chef, restaurateur, New York Times Best Selling author, and Emmy Award-winning TV host Guy Fieri, and internationally renowned restaurateur Robert Earl announced they have teamed up once again to open their third Chicken Guy! location in Florida, this time in Winter Park.

The new venue will be the first corporate-owned free-standing location with a drive-thru component, making the menu more accessible to Orlando locals and visitors alike. Joining its successful predecessors at Disney Springs in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, and at Aventura Mall in Miami, Florida, the fast-casual chain dedicated to serving chicken tenders paired with 22-signature sauces to please all palates, will feature interior seating for 80 guests indoors and seating for 12 outdoors. The spacious 3,500 square-foot restaurant will have a sliding glass door of windows, a unique design element that will easily provide plenty of natural light or an open-air dining experience on a nice day. The parking lot will have reserved parking spaces to accommodate third-party delivery services as well as guests who order online, with dedicated staff who will bring the orders directly to waiting cars.

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The menu at Chicken Guy! features one-of-a-kind all-natural fresh chicken tenders, hand-pounded to maximize crunch and paired with a wide selection of sauces. They are also brined in fresh lemon juice, pickle brine, buttermilk, and infused with fresh herbs. The menu includes tenders—grilled or fried—in sandwiches, straight up on skewers, or in meal-sized salad bowls, a selection of signatures sauces to enjoy with the chicken, and sides like Chicken Guy! Fries with Guy’s special fry seasoning, Mac Daddy Mac ‘n Cheese, fried pickles, and fresh slaw. For dessert, Chicken Guy! Features Flavortown Frozen Treats: The Triple Double Ice Cream Treat—triple chocolate and double-mint—or the Cinnamon Apple—a heaping cup of vanilla soft-serve ice cream smothered in Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Apple Jacks cereal—and classic shakes including Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Oreo Cookie.

“It’s always such a pleasure to be able to work with Guy on Chicken Guy! ventures and I’m beyond pleased to open a location in Winter Park,” says Planet Hollywood founder and chairman Robert Earl. “Chicken Guy! is a proven crowd-pleaser now with three locations in Florida and two in sporting arenas on game days including FedEx Field in Maryland and Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, we are well on our way to becoming a household name nationwide.” 

Set to open in late summer 2021, Chicken Guy! is located at 818 South Orlando Avenue, Winter Park, Florida, 32789. With a mixture of colorful meets playful design elements and modern finishes that will delight guests as they dine on-site, Chicken Guy!


also offers innovative packaging that will make carry out and delivery orders even more fun to enjoy at home or on-the-go




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The pandemic has been a boom time for pizza sales. Consumers stuck at home hungered for delivery-friendly comfort food, and pizza is right on the mark. Plus, it’s easy to share, offering great value as a family meal.


Pizza has been the staple of profitability, ease of management, and the easiest to grow volume. Few operators net less than $100,000 per year with $200,000/yr easily attainable.


But according to Technomic Ignite  consumer brand metrics data, certain chains did a better job than others in creating a craveable pie. In data collected from July to December, consumers chose these 10 chain pizzas as their top picks. Here’s why.


 Marco’s Pizza

Pies from Marco’s Pizza scored high for craveability by 48.6% of consumers surveyed. Respondents liked the flavor and style of this pie, and the wide choice of toppings—ranging from a garlicky, cheesy white pizza to chicken and pepperoni with several different types of pepperoni. Another fan pointed out that “the portion sizes are great when feeding a family of five.”


Photo courtesy of MOD Pizza


MOD Pizza

This concept was rated as the having the most craveable pizza by 49.2% of consumers. “An extra thin crust with all the toppings I crave,” was the reason given by one respondent. MOD’s crust earned praise from several consumers for its quality and brick oven bake. The menu also offers options for custom pies, gluten-free crusts and vegan toppings, a perk that consumers appreciated.


Pizza Hut

Veteran chain Pizza Hut was preferred by 50.1% of those surveyed. Hearty eaters seem to gravitate toward these pies, as the meat lovers’ pizza, cheeseburger pizza and stuffed crust pie were cited for their craveability and “right price.” The heart-shaped pizza was also a favorite. 


Photo courtesy of Godfather's Pizza


Godfather’s Pizza

The unique flavor of this pie was the reason 52.1% of consumers gave for choosing Godfather’s Pizza. Comments also pointed out the craveability of the special sauce mix and the meaty toppings, which include barbecue chicken, sausage, hamburger and bacon cheeseburger. One respondent said “their sausage pizza is the absolute best of anybody. I wanted their pizza for my 60th birthday and it did not disappoint.”



Almost 56% of consumers—55.9% to be exact—crave Sbarro pizza. “Their pizza has a different taste than other pizzas,” said one of the fans, while several liked the “New York-style” of Sbarro’s pizza. The chain also offers a personal cheese pizza and stuffed pizza, which appealed to others in the survey.



Cici’s pizzas got high marks from 57.1% of consumers. Craveability was linked to the chain’s unusual toppings, such as honey barbecue, Buffalo spicy chicken, taco and spinach Alfredo. “I’m not aware of any other restaurant with an Alfredo pizza,” commented one respondent. 


Uno Chicago Pizzeria & Grill

Deep-dish specialist Uno was a favorite of 58.1% of consumers surveyed. People liked the “real Chicago pizza” generously filled with toppings. Deep dish pizzas that stood out as particularly craveable include potato skin, pesto, sausage and cheese and chicken with extra cheese, meatballs and peppers—the latter a pie “I can only get at this restaurant,” said one consumer.


Papa Murphy’s

Take-and-bake chain Papa Murphy’s was the most craveable choice of 58.4% of survey respondents. Consumers liked the build-your-own pizza format and the gluten-free crusts, which one respondent said “are among the best I’ve had at any of the places I have tried.” They were also drawn to the topping options, which include garlic sauce, veggies, a three-cheese blend and chicken-bacon-artichoke. 


Photo courtesy of Mellow Mushroom


Mellow Mushroom

While purists may prefer a simple pizza topped with cheese and sauce, fans of Mellow Mushroom find its out-of-the-box toppings very craveable; the chain was the pick of 59.4% of consumers. “Special pizzas with toppings not available at other restaurants” is a draw for Mellow Mushroom, as are the “gourmet toppings like caramelized onions, feta cheese and portobello mushrooms.” Consumers also go for the quirky names, such as Thai Dye pizza, Kosmic Karma and Holy Shiitake.  


Jet’s Pizza

Coming in at first place is Jet’s, the most craveable pizza in the opinion of 61% of survey respondents. Jet’s differentiates its menu with square Detroit-style pizzas, and consumers find the thicker, crunchy crust especially craveworthy. “The crust is the best part, and they make pizzas specifically so you can get more crust,” said one fan. The chain offers a four- and an eight-corner pizza that provides extra crust with each bite. The toppings were also singled out, particularly the barbecue chicken, pepperoni and pineapple.

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National Restaurant Exchange is a recognized leader in the sale of food and liquor businesses. If you think its expensive to hire a professional, wait till you hire an amateur. Why would you go to anyone else to represent your interests? With many major life-style shopping centers in various stages of development, we can provide you with prime restaurant space, in prime markets, with all the assistance to bring your newest project to fruition.

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