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One of the oldest Restaurant Brokerage and Consultancy in the USA celebrating 40 years servicing the food & beverage industry! 

What a Difference 4 Decades Can Make

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Our Staff of Restaurant Brokers 1982!                        We're still hard at work!

Now is an especially good time to explore an SBA 7(a), 504, or microloan.

Articles published by us in the NEREJ

Why hasn’t my business sold?” For the most part this question is asked not only of restaurant brokers but also of general business brokers, and as well of other commercial brokers.

The scenario is that an owner seeks out, what he feels is a competent professional to help him exit a business that has provided him with the luxuries of success or the pains of failure. In either case, if we take on the responsibility of accepting the listing, we’re promising the seller, and therefore morally obligated, to do everything in our power to extricate the owner from his business with the best price and most favorable terms.

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When you need a restaurant specialist The National Restaurant Exchange helps you close more deals -

It’s amazing how many food and beverage businesses dot the landscape. If it’s true that “small business drives our country”, then restaurants are the life-blood of our society. No matter where you go, look to your left, look to your right…convenience stores, liquor stores, fast food, slow food, pubs, full-service, nightclubs, function facilities, ad naseum. Then you can break them down into chains, into ethnic subsets…every downtown, every shopping center, most office complexes. “my God, they’re everywhere.”

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Featured Restaurants


Water Front Pizza Shop

Water Front Pizza Shop

Wellness Retreat Newport RI

Wellness Retreat Newport RI



Greek Pizza With Liquor

Greek Pizza With Liquor

Irish Pub with Entertainment

Irish Pub with Entertainment

$60K a week Landmark

$60K a week Landmark

Northborough Restaurant

Northborough Restaurant

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What NREX is all about!
National Restaurant Exchange is a recognized leader in the sale of food and liquor businesses. If you think its expensive to hire a professional, wait till you hire an amateur. Why would you go to anyone else to represent your interests? With many major life-style shopping centers in various stages of development, we can provide you with prime restaurant space, in prime markets, with all the assistance to bring your newest project to fruition.
 Restaurant News

                                   Why Taco Bell is bringing back wings

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Catch up on last week’s news 

20th January 2023 

Taco Bell relaunched wings for a limited time. The wings, which come in a group of eight and are coated in queso seasoning, were last seen on the menu for a brief time last January before selling out. The wings cost $6.99.

There’s also a combo meal called the Ultimate GameDay Box. It includes eight wings, four crunchy tacos, and one traditional Mexican Pizza and will be available from January 26 through February 9. The box costs $22.



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Chipotle adds location-based technology to its mobile app

January 23rd 2023


The company's new mobile app features include push notification updates on order status, reminders to scan Rewards points and more. 

Chipotle this week updated its popular mobile app, which hosts about 30 million Rewards members. The updates are certainly not bells or whistles, but rather the addition of simple new features meant to reduce friction for loyal consumers, who have proven they visit more frequently and spend more money with the brand, executives have noted.

Specifically, users can now enable push notifications that provide updates on their order status, alert them if they’re at the wrong pick-up location and remind them to scan for Rewards points when they arrive at a Chipotle restaurant. These new features are facilitated through GPS-enabled technology and are part of the company’s “Contextual Restaurant Experience” program first announced in September. Chipotle’s features are facilitated by Radius Networks’ technology platform Flybuy and were tested at 73 restaurants in Cleveland before this week’s broader rollout.


1. O Ya

Fifteen years in, this luxe izakaya gets booked out exactly 60 days in advance by fast-fingered foodies seeking the comestible sublime: kombu-cured mackerel nigiri with fiery floral Meyer lemon kosho, Wagyu dumplings with tallowed-up chili crisp, uni- and caviar-studded chawanmushi, and virtuosic pairings (+$150) by newcomer wine/sake savant Gabe Bellegard Bastos. The 20-course omakase costs $250 sans drinks, but there’s good news, too. You’ve got two months to save up!

Leather District | Japanese

2. Mooncusser

In 2022, few restaurants bother to match this Park Square charmer’s refined details: white tablecloths, genteel service, and luminous nighttime views. But the compelling reason to visit this decidedly grownup, conversation-friendly room is the inventive, globetrotting cuisine of chef Carl Dooley, who plates an extraordinary seafood-focused tasting menu. And at four courses plus an amuse-bouche (or three) for $95, Mooncusser might be the best lavish-dining deal in Boston.

Back Bay | Seafood

3. Uni

With chef David Bazirgan at the helm as of mid-2021, the current incarnation of Ken Oringer’s lively sushi destination feels like the decadent party we all need right now. For the best experience, reserve a seat at the sushi bar and order the chef’s-choice family-style menu for a brilliant lineup of surprises: think luscious fatty tuna, duck confit gyoza on a cloud of corn pudding, and even beyond-Japan bites like Thai-inspired sai oua, a spicy pork sausage.

Back Bay | Japanese

4. Nightshade Noodle Bar

One of Boston’s best dining experiences right now is…in Lynn? Why yes, it absolutely is, thanks to Nightshade chef Rachel Miller and her out-of-this-world tasting menus highlighting Vietnamese and French flavors and techniques through a seafood-focused lens. And not just any seafood: One might find delicacies like live sea urchin, eyecatching gooseneck barnacles, and plenty of caviar at this hip spot with a vaguely tropical vibe. Of course, there are the namesake noodles, too, and they are heavenly—particularly if Nightshade’s caramelized garlic sauce is involved.

Lynn | Vietnamese/French



5. Asta

Almost a decade has passed since Asta began serving high-end tasting menus with the kind of precise minimalism you’d see at a fancy Copenhagen restaurant. The menu is constantly changing to highlight the best seasonal fare, but everything else feels steadily reliable at this fine-dining mainstay, embellished with little quirks like a Zeus painting on the wall (a holdover from a previous occupant of the space), bunny-shaped cookies with caramel popcorn for dessert, and occasional fried-chicken-sandwich pop-ups.

Back Bay | New American

6. Sarma

Still one of the area’s toughest reservations to score, this restaurant inspired by Turkish meyhanes pivoted during the pandemic, introducing things it didn’t normally do, including takeout and outdoor dining (there was even takeout breakfast for a wonderful but brief period). Now it’s returned to its bustling original form, offering exclusively indoor dining in its colorful space. We miss ordering the irresistible sesame fried chicken to go, but nothing beats cozying up at the energetic bar for honey-soaked cornbread and plump manti with cumin lamb.

Somerville | Mediterranean

7. Tasting Counter

Making a blob-and-swoosh multi-courser soar (and keeping diners’ palates and attention spans from quiet-quitting three-ish dishes in) requires a rare mix of technical wizardry and artistic fire. Peter Ungár brings both to his 20-seat Somerville counter, plus a keen sense of pacing. He follows up on more abstract creations—on one recent visit: gremolata dumplings strewn in spaetzle-like flutterings across a sea of uni, preserved lemon, and house-soured cream—with a slab of butter-basted, miso-glazed, persimmon-chili-dot-flanked venison you can really sink your teeth into.

Somerville | New American



8. Celeste

Consummate hosts Maria Rondeau and JuanMa Calderón make every meal feel like a dinner party at this Peruvian spot, from the pretty plates of citrusy ceviche to the delightfully pisco-heavy cocktail list (try a spicy maracuya sour). While the team has kept themselves busy with the opening of Cambridge’s La Royal in 2022, their tiny Union Square flagship remains the ideal date-night destination.

Somerville | Peruvian

9. Pammy’s

The past few years have seen a wave of Italian-inspired restaurant openings, but five-year-old Pammy’s—a self-described “New American trattoria”—continues to forge its own path with its blend of influences from Italy and beyond. One menu mainstay, for example, smothers snail-shell-shaped lumache pasta in a Bolognese spiked with the Korean chili paste gochujang. The staff goes above and beyond to make diners feel welcome in the stunning space, which features details such as a tiled hearth and giant gold-framed mirror. With hospitality like this, you’ll want to keep this one in your back pocket for warm and cozy occasions, both special and everyday.

Cambridge | New American

10. Brassica Kitchen + Café

In some ways, Brassica feels like the quintessential neighborhood spot (a necessity for us all coming out of a tumultuous few years): casual, playful, a little eccentric. But hidden underneath the low-key vibes? High-end culinary sensibilities and global influences. There’s the popular koji risotto, for example, an umami-packed masterpiece made with just Parmesan and a house-cultured butter (and corn, when in season). It’s the kind of place where one table might enjoy chorizo tacos alongside a Thai-style crab curry and doughnuts, and the unlikely juxtaposition works beautifully.

Jamaica Plain | New American

National Restaurant Exchange

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